About Emilia

Welcome to Girl Around the World. This is my podcast where I interview people from around the world. My family travels a lot, so I like to have interesting conversations with interesting people along the way.

I am 9 years old. My sister is 7.

I like...

  • to travel in planes and in cars
  • to explore jobs that people have
  • when we go on road trips and boats
  • my dad when he goofs around and pretends to be an eagle
  • to go to bird centers around the world

I love...

  • meeting new people
  • how my sister never forgets the snacks and that we don't go hungry 
  • birds (I want to be an ornithologist - that's a bird scientist) 
  • to read amazing books from amazing writers around the world
  • to eat new foods from different places
  • to watch my mom as she writes a different page every day

If you want to contact me, you have to go through my parents. My mom's email is amanda@akturner.com. Please put Girl Around the World in the subject line.

I hope you enjoy my website.